Occasionally, if something should go wrong, a Rolls-Royce will fail to proceed. So, too, will the Nissan Leaf--at least, under certain circumstances. More exactly, it will sometimes fail to start. But Nissan is fixing that with a service campaign announced today, affecting the nearly 8,000 Leafs built to date.

The problem, as Nikki Gordon-Bloomfield reported on Monday, renders affected Leafs inoperable--essentially high-tech, high-value paperweights. Fortunately, Nissan says it has figured out the root cause of the problem and will be issuing a software update to fix it.

Though potentially any of the Leafs built so far could succumb to the issue, it has only surfaced in a small percentage. Nevertheless, Nissan wants to ensure there will be no future occurrences of the problem, so it is covering all Leafs with the campaign.

Owners will be notified by Nissan of the issue and the fix, though concerned or affected owners can contact Nissan to set up an appointment to reprogram their cars. Nissan hopes to get the service campaign underway next week.