The best-looking (for now, anyway) electric-powered vehicle on the market is finally, well, on the market--or nearly so. Fisker's Karma extended-range EV entered production at Valmet's plant in Finland today. U.S. deliveries of the car are expected to begin next month.

That jibes surprisingly well with the information leaked from a dealer meeting in January, and is a definite step toward seeing the Karma reach its 7,000-customer target this year. Initial production will ramp up slowly, however, to help ensure quality controls are met.

Unfortunately, only a tiny handful of media have been allowed to drive the Karma so far, and even then under tightly controlled conditions, meaning the first customers may be Fisker's guinea pigs as for how the car performs on a day-to-day basis.

Fisker also has a U.S. plant in the works in Wilmington, Delaware. Construction of the Nina, a midsize plug-in hybrid to follow the Karma, won't begin there until 2012. Between now and then, we may also get a look at the two-door version of the Karma at the Frankfurt Auto Show.

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