The THINK City hasn’t been having a good go of it lately during its short run in the North American market. As of the end of February, the THINK City has been recalled three times with the latest recall said to affect 23 City models. According to Detroit News, the automaker reported that it received complaints that the THINK City wouldn’t engage the “Park” gear and therefore was prone to rolling. The recall is of a voluntary nature, but creates a tenuous relationship with consumers, especially since the car has only been in market for U.S. customers since December 2010.

If you are wondering about the two previous recalls we can shed some light on those too. In one case the recall involved a seat belt issue and in another the failing of the fluid heater assemblies that make up part of the defroster system. Since THINK has brought fewer than 100 cars into North America, the current recall statistics are quite high. To be exact 60 percent of all THINK Citys sold in North America have been recalled. It has to be a frustrating proposition for THINK and it will make it hard for the company to branch out from its only dealership in Dearborn, Mich.

If you own a THINK City and want to know if it is on the recall list, then check out the full recall report at


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