Dozens, even hundreds, of different models get recalled each year by their makers to address defects or potential problems.

Most pass unnoticed, except to the owners who get letters in the mail asking them to bring their vehicle back to the dealer.

But three recalls in as many months isn't a particularly stellar way to start selling electric vehicles in the U.S.

Small Norwegian carmaker Think, whose City two-seat electric car is now being assembled from kits in Elkhart, Indiana, has issued its third recall notice since it began selling cars in December.

think city ev motorauthority 005

think city ev motorauthority 005

The first two recalls announced last month covered a total of 39 vehicles for incorrect passenger-side safety belts or inadequate defroster systems.

Now, the latest recall covers a linkage between the gear selector lever and the "park" mechanism in the transmission, which Think said "may be improperly adjusted."

In extreme cases, the vehicle could roll freely even if the transmission is in the Park position. That's what happened at a Think dealer in late December, the company said, and last month two more owners reported the same concern.

Think said it had already inspected all 23 vehicles being recalled, and found them to be properly adjusted.

Owners of the 2011 Think City can contact Think North America at 855-698-4465 with questions about any of the three recalls.

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