Okay, let's get the schoolyard jokes about buying your female companion a motorised whirring gift for valentine's day. We know you have a much more sophisticated set of tates than that. 

But how do you buy your partner an exciting, fast, luxurious gift bound to get her blood pumping without resorting to thing you shouldn't discuss in public.

If you happen to be Jens Krantholm the answer is pretty easy: buy her a 2011 Tesla Roadster 2.5.

At 136 miles north of the Arctic Circle in Narvik Norway, Jens Krantholm has been the world’s most northerly Tesla Roadster driver for some time. But Ellen, his girlfriend, has become such a fan of the zero-emissions sports car that Jens found he spent very little time behind the wheel of his own all-year-round Tesla Roadster 2.0 

Buying Ellen her own 2011 Tesla Roadster 2.5? It’s certainly one way to deal with fighting over who drives. 

While most of us can barely afford to buy a 2011 Nissan Leaf, let alone a $109,000 sports car, Jens isn’t stopping at two cars. 

Jens Kratholm's Valentine's day gift

Jens Kratholm's Valentine's day gift

His daughter Nina, now at university in Denmark, has just got her own 2011 Roadster 2.5. 

While we’re all reeling from the combined cost of three electric sports cars (and the fun we could have in them) Tesla tells us that the family is the first three-Tesla family in the world. 

Recharging shouldn’t be a carbon-emitting headache either. Norway produces over 98 percent of its power by using small scale hydropower. 

We’d like to wish you all a happy Valentine’s day and remind you that not everyone is lucky enough to get an all-electric sports car as a token of their partner’s love. 

If $109,000 is a little out of your budget, don’t worry. If your partner really lusts after a Tesla Roadster, you could always get them Tesla’s smaller option: The 2008 Tesla Roadtser Remote Control 1:16 model