Anyone that has owned a car knows about maintenance. Some people take their cars in for what the industry calls “regularly scheduled” maintenance and others might wait until something goes wrong—the if it ain’t broke don’t fix it motto. Ford is enticing consumers with a new thought in maintenance as it relates to the electric car. Yesterday, Ford put out a press release talking about the all-new Ford Focus Electric, a car we saw debuted at this years CES in Las Vegas, and how it is the “Most Maintenance-Free Ford Ever.” The hook: an electric car is easier to own and keep up than a gasoline or diesel powered car.

According to yesterday’s release, the most drivers will have to do is check the tire pressure and fill the washer bottle. It is pretty easy to see why since the Focus Electric doesn’t have as many moving parts like, oh say, an engine with pistons, valves and all the little seals that go bad over time. It also doesn’t have a conventional transmission, so you don’t have those moving parts either. Yes, you guessed it, Ford Focus Electric motorists can “wave goodbye” to tune-ups, oil changes and a number of other services that are considered important for gasoline/diesel cars. In fact, Ford claims you will never have to: 

  • Wait in line for oil changes
  • Experience the inconvenience of worn out exhaust system components, radiator hoses or a serpentine drive belt.
  • Change dirty air filters, transmission filters, fuel filters or fluids
  • Replace spark plugs, O2 sensors or radiator coolant


Without having to change the oil consumers are looking at a reduction of $449.25 and 7.5 hours over the 10-year, 150,000-mile life of their vehicle. And of course there isn’t the cost for the other services as mentioned above. However, before you go out and kick your car for costing you money in maintenance remember that electric cars have a higher cost of acquisition and in today’s world can’t typically travel more than 100 miles on a charge. So remember, it may be the “most maintenance-free” Ford yet, but you still have to evaluate your lifestyle to see if electric is the right move for you. If it is, you will giggle every time you glide by the service drive of your local dealership.


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[Source: Ford]