Last month, Nissan became the first major automaker to deliver an all-electric car to a U.S. customer.  In the month of December however, only 10 LEAFs were actually delivered to customers, whilst Chevrolet delivered somewhere between 250 and 350 2011 Volts to customers.  

Now it looks as if Nissan is playing catch-up. As of yesterday Nissan started sending out emails to customers in California letting them know that their cars would be delivered within the next week. 

Talking on the unofficial LEAF discussion boards at, prospective owners reported receiving the email. About 35 owners so far have reported they have been told they will receive their car within the next week.  


While the figures are still low, expect this number to change dramatically in the next few weeks, as one forum member cites information from their dealer claiming 13 different ships were at sea en-route from Japan to the U.S. with Nissan LEAFs on-board. 

While these vessels will contain a selection of cars from Nissan, including the 2011 Cube and other Internal-Combustion Engined Nissan vehicles not made in the U.S., we’d expect a significant number of LEAFs to be on-board per ship. 

Will it be enough to place Nissan at the top of the 2011 plug-in vehicle sales chart? Not yet  - but watch this space. 

Have you ordered a LEAF? Do you have an email yet telling you when your car will arrive?  We’d love to hear your experiences. 

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