Here we are at mid-2010 already! As we roll through the months counting down to the beginning of 2011 it is interesting to review what was happening during 2010. June was a month that saw participating in the Rocky Mountain Driving Experience, which included driving the 2010 Corvette Grand Sport on a road racing course, taking the 2010 BMW 335i out for some twin-turbo fun and testing out a prototype Suzuki Kizashi outfitted with a Turbo. June also market the IPO of Tesla Motors and the 20th Anniversary Mazda MX-5 Miata going on sale. However, there was also loss that struck the automotive industry in June as we lost the creator of the Smart Car. Our top article for June 2010, in remembrance, is: Nicolas Hayek: Smart Car Creator Passes Away At Age 82.

Whether you love or hate the Smart, it is a car that changed the automotive landscape and in many ways the way people thought about mini/micro cars. The Smart was one mans vision to help people get around—the original requirements included being able to carry two people and a case of beer. The Smart car saw quite a boost in 2008 when the gas prices jumped here in the States. Even in 2009 saw some 14,000 units in the U.S. during what hailed as the worst automotive recession in recent memory. Hayek has also been credited with saving the watch industry in Switzerland. As we get ready to ring in another year we remember this great contributor to the automotive industry.


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