To close out first quarter of 2010 we turn to April on the calendar. Now April is a busy month for the Rocky Mountain Region, where yours truly is based, because it is the time that the Colorado Auto Dealers Association puts on the Denver Auto Show. In fact, the first part of the month on generally has a handful of articles covering the Green Car Convoy and Parade, the Green Tie Benefit and the opening of the 2010 Denver Auto Show. This year we were also luck to steal some time with Ford to talk about diesels and other new things that were coming to market like the 2011 Ford Fiesta.

The top article we choose for the countdown to 2011 does have to do with Ford, but came a couple weeks after the Denver Auto Show. The article, MyFord Educates Drivers To Get Better MPG On 2012 Ford Focus, took a look at the new MyFord Touch feature that is to be included on the 2012 Ford Focus—a car we should see for ourselves very soon. MyFord Touch was announced in April as “the latest innovation to help drivers optimize fuel economy.” It also showed the lengths at which Ford has gone to engineer class-leading features for what are still their entry-level vehicles. Both the Ford Fiesta and the all-new Focus lead their respective classes with numerous features that can only be found at Ford. As we said back in April, “With the innovations from Ford you will be able to see a fuel savings even when you don’t by a hybrid.” Now that is something to write about.


Be sure to check out the rest of the count down to 2011 as we keep rolling towards New Year’s Eve! Missed the earlier articles check them out in our most recent blog section.