Many would argue that the 2011 Tesla Roadster Sport 2.5 is a work of art, with its smooth lines, low profile and breathtaking performance. But one digital artist has taken the Californian electric sports car to a whole new level - by turning one into a work of art.  

Created as part of Art Basel Miami Beach, taking place between 2-5 December, the one-of-a-kind Tesla Roadster was created by digital artist Laurence Gartel.

Gartel is considered by many to be the father of the digital art movement and has been working in the field for over 34 years. His works have appeared at a dizzying array of art galleries and museums, including Museum of Modern Art, Long Beach Museum of Art and the Smithsonian Institution’s Museum of American History to name but three. 

Artist Laurence Gartel's Tesla Roadster for Art Basel Miami 2010

Artist Laurence Gartel's Tesla Roadster for Art Basel Miami 2010

Covered from hood to trunk in an all-over vinyl wrap, Gartel’s Tesla features a digital collage of images and creates quite a stir driving through Miami. 

Involving over 250 art galleries from around the world, Art Basel Miami Beach 2010 is exhibiting over 2,000 works. But the event isn’t just high-brow previews and cocktail parties. 

Included in the event are public art projects, video screenings, sound art, and of course, Gartel’s Tesla.

Gartel isn’t a stranger to cars either. Earlier this year he exhibited “Auto-Motion”, a set of prints the artist produced by digitally manipulating photographs he had taken of Ferraris. 

The exhibition coincided with the release of a 2,000 copy limited run book of the same name, which are available from Gartel directly in exchange for $1500

It seems fitting that such an influential digital artist choose a Tesla to turn into a moving piece of art, since they both owe their success to Silicon Valley, the very place the modern consumer computer industry was born. 

Unlike other pieces of art, Gartel’s Tesla is fully road legal and is currently for sale. But don’t expect to pay the usual $109,000: We have a feeling it will go for a lot more. 

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