At the end of last week news came out of Singapore that an international consortium will launch ten research projects to develop technology for “next-generation” vehicles. The Capabilities for Automotive Research consortium made up of 11-members will pursue research in areas of anti-collision steering systems and wireless charging for electronic cars. The consortium members include industry leaders such as Infineon, makers of smart phone chips, and Toyota.

The part of the announcement that really catches our attention is the wireless charging. According to spokespeople at A*STAR (Agency For Science, Technology and Research) the cars of the future will have to be more intelligent and more connected. "The automotive sector today faces many challenges and therefore presents many opportunities," said Lim Chuan Poh, the chairman of state-backed Agency for Science, Technology and Research. The consortium seeks to solve the “increasingly complex and multi-disciplinary problems as well as to testbed some of these solutions."




[Source: GoogleNews]