Avera Motors high-efficiency vehicle teaser

Avera Motors high-efficiency vehicle teaser

It seems these days that a new ultra-high mileage vehicle is announced almost every month and this month will be no different. The latest is from Florida’s Avera Motors, which has announced plans for a new high-efficiency vehicle as well as release this teaser of the upcoming car.

According to Avera the project has been in development for the past several years, and in the next couple of months we can expect additional images as well as videos of prototypes on the track. All we can gather from the teaser image is that the new vehicle will likely feature a hatchback bodystyle and a wheel-at-each-corner design.

Avera boasts that its new prototype will feature supercar-like handling, aggressive looks, an affordable price tag, and Prius-beating efficiency--we'll wait until the car is actually launched  before we pass judgment but we wouldn’t recommend you hold your breath.

UPDATE: In September 2016, we received the following note from a company called Rivian Automotive:

Avera is a company no longer in business and the viewpoint of Avera, which became Rivian Automotive, is no longer aligned with our current business strategy and current and future product offering(s).


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