2011 Chevrolet Volt

2011 Chevrolet Volt

OnStar is already one of the handiest features you can get in a GM vehicle but for Chevrolet Volt owners the connectivity and security feature will be even more helpful. Earlier this year we reported that OnStar, together with Google, was developing a number of new mobile apps that would allow Volt owners to check in on their cars 24 hours per day via a smartphone.

Now there is another avenue for Volt owners to stay connected. MyVolt.com, a new website that will give Chevrolet Volt owners the ability to remotely access operational information specific to their vehicle and control various functions of their car, will be available this month for select smartphones.

Via the website owners will be able to perform tasks including checking their battery’s state of charge, setting the charge time and unlocking the doors. It will also tell you how much driving range is left, latest mpg and electric-only mile data, and how to set grid-friendly charge modes for off-peak times when electricity rates are lowest.

Volt owners will also be able to use the website to sign up for a monthly OnStar Vehicle Diagnostics e-mail report summarizing the results from queries of several hundred diagnostic trouble codes as well as understanding their energy efficiency, maintenance information, tire pressure, and OnStar account status. Finally, it also serves as a portal for owners to interact with each other via Facebook and Twitter where they can share information such as energy efficiency, driving history, rate/charging details and other vehicle operational attributes.

Head over to the website now and check it out by clicking here