Prius MPV teaser

Prius MPV teaser

A billboard plastered with puzzle pieces that form a side-view of a current Toyota Prius, backed by a sliver of a slightly larger, taller, and more hatchback-like vehicle. This is the first glimpse of the next member of the Prius family, and it's coming soon

When, exactly, we can't be sure. But we do have a good idea of what to expect of the next Prius sibling. Aside from the obvious and visible additions to size and height, the new Prius model will have about 50 percent more interior volume and could seat up to seven passengers despite being comparable in size to microvans, or MPVs like the Mazda5.

Underneath, it's likely to share its running gear and drivetrain with the familiar Prius hatchback, with similar fuel economy and power figures. There's a chance that Toyota could lean on its overseas markets, however, and borrow the Auris Hybrid's gear for the new model.

This won't be the only new model to join the Prius range. A smaller Yaris-sized vehicle is also in the cards, according to reports.

Timing for the new Prius models isn't yet known, but with a sales launch expected by 2013, they could start making the auto show circuit by the end of next year.

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