Yes, the little Smarty is back for 2011 and this time it has a new face and some new features. More importantly, to some at least, there is also a performance upgrade that will move this mini wonder from 0-60 in under 8.9 seconds. Currently, prices for the 2011 Smart ForTwo have been announced in the U.K at what would translate to $13,795. So you still are going to pay a pretty premium for this mini car as opposed to Ford’s new kid on the block—the 2011 Ford Fiesta.

2011 Smart Fortwo

2011 Smart Fortwo

Most of the improvements have come in the form of cosmetic or feature improvements. The exterior now comes equipped with front and rear aprons that are finished in the body color (previously black plastic) of which there are also now more choices. There are also new alloy wheel designs that consumers can choose from when they are outfitting their Smart. Inside, the Smart receives a redesigned dashboard and gauge cluster with what some deem “better” fabric and color choices. You will also now be able to plug your iPod directly into the stereo system as well as plugging in your USB device. Oh, and I almost forgot, in case you aren’t good with navigating your city’s streets there is also a new Navigation option.

Back to the performance angle, Smart will continue to offer the standard 71-hp micro-hybrid gas engine, but has improved the amount of emissions it emits to 97 g/km of CO2. However, as most reviews have found in the States, the Smart just seems to need more punch; the answer here is the flagship Xclusive, which will carry a 102 horsepower motor that will allow you to achieve 0-60 in less than 8.9 seconds.


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