Ford has been preparing to move to a global product strategy and all of the hard work and planning seems to be paying off. At the end of the month Ford will be launching its first “truly global product development under the company’s ONE Ford strategy.” Which car earns the credit for this great achievement? The 2012 Ford Focus. In the recent press release from Cologne, Germany, Ford calls the Focus “Ford’s most significant car range globally.”

2012 Ford Focus Wagon

2012 Ford Focus Wagon

The new 2012 Ford Focus was developed at Ford’s Global centre of excellence for Small Cars in Germany. The Focus will be sold in over 120 markets worldwide and is created from the company’s new global C segment platform. What makes the new C segment platform so special? Try 80% on for size. Yes, the C segment platform has up to 80 percent parts commonality around the world—a number that is significant compared to competitor platforms in the industry. In addition, Ford plans for this platform to be the foundation for at least ten vehicles globally, which will account for an estimated two million units of annual production by the year 2012.

Ford hasn’t stopped there, for the 2010 Paris Motor Show they will have a complete range of three bodystyles on display. The three styles will include a “sporty” five-door, “elegant” four-door and “stylish” wagon. The real goal for the Paris Motor Show is to allow consumers to experience the Focus’ class leading technology first hand and showcase it’s reasonable price compared to the competition.


Stay tuned to for more information on the 2012 Ford Focus as it happens from the 2010 Paris Motor Show.


[Source: Ford]