The last couple of years have proven to have their ups and downs in the automotive market, especially with regards to small cars. The Smart car, one of the smallest cars on sale in America, is starting to show further signs of decline as gas prices continue to stay in the affordable range and newer, larger cars are getting similar gas mileage. Given the situation, we are put in an interest place as consumers—the small car edge used to be economy, economy, economy. In the case of the Smart car this turn of events seems to be translating into a loss of owner loyalty.

The Smart ForTwo didn’t quite meet the vision that the original creator had in mind, in fact, after his recent death (more here) the automotive industry was reminded that the ForTwo was supposed to be a highly efficient diesel powered car. Sometimes, things just don’t workout as planned, but for a brief moment in the Smart cars U.S. sales figures there was a long line of customers clamoring for them. Now CNW Research reports findings that say fewer than one in ten current Smart car owners would buy another Smart car. We doubt it is because they will last forever, but believe it is more to do with the value proposition as opposed to bigger cars. Hard numbers from the study say 8.1 percent of current Smart customers will purchase another Smart vehicle.

Granted this study was only conducted in New York, but that is also one of the U.S. most car unfriendly cities. If the Smart doesn’t impress the ultimate U.S. urban city, then we wonder if it will be able to continue on fad alone. The 2011 Smart Electric Drive is proving to be a pretty well mannered vehicle, maybe it will save the Smart bacon.


[Source: AOL Autos]