General Electric GE WattStation charging

General Electric GE WattStation charging

Buyers of electric vehicles can already benefit from several different tax credits, both from the federal government as well as their own respective state authorities (in some cases), but now they stand to benefit on their power bills as well. Detroit Edison, an electricity utility based in Michigan, is now offering a special pricing rate for early adopters of plug-in electric vehicles.

Detroit Edison has been given permission from state regulators in Michigan to offer a separate rate for electric vehicle owners, helping to accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles but supporting their infrastructure.

The project is still in its experimental phase, with around 2,500 residential customers being offered two pricing options: a lower rate for charging during off-peak hours from 9-11 pm or a monthly flat rate of $40 per vehicle. The benefits don’t end there, however. Detroit Edison will also subsidize the installation of a residential charging station and the additional meter by as much as $2,500.

One of the biggest hurdles towards mainstream adoption of electric vehicles is the lack of suitable charging infrastructure for them. With relatively short driving ranges, it’s highly likely that owners of electric vehicles will need to charge their batteries while away from home. This fear, range anxiety is the term being bandied around, is still holding back the successful launch of electric vehicles but thankfully companies like Detroit Edison are helping to change all that.

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