Earlier this week I reported on the new 2011 Ford Focus commercial staring the Monster Rally Focus and Kent Block (more here). I also mentioned how Ford has become quite the master of using social media to promote their vehicles and expose consumers to them in a very interactive way. According to a report by Inside Line, Mazda is taking a page from this playbook by using Facebook to launch the 2011 Mazda2.

Contrary to what some might believe, the Mazda2 isn’t a carbon copy of the 2011 Ford Fiesta, in fact we talked about that some months ago. The two cars really share a minimum amount of platform similarities; everything else from the design to the marketing efforts are significantly different. However, that didn’t stop Mazda from capitalizing on the availability of the youth driver market on Facebook. In a move that really shows some creativity, Mazda launched the new entry-level car this week using a branded social game on Facebook called DriverVille.

According to Mazda, “DriverVille puts consumers in a virtual world to learn about and compete with the eco-friendly, fun-to-drive, five-door hatchback in a sweeping social adventure." Simplified—Mazda wants you to find “your inner driver.” I know, I know you want to play right now, so how do you find it, right? Mazda has posted the game on the Mazda Facebook page. Need the pot sweetened? When you are playing you can win virtual currency, weekly sweepstakes prizes and compete with your friends by posting your progress to your own Facebook page.




[Source: Inside Line]