The 2010 Tesla Roadster is seen by many as the ultimate boy's toy. But Apple CEO and co-founder Steve Jobs added another car to his garage today by walking through the Nissan Leaf signup process live at the Apple WorldWide Developer Conference (WWDC) 2010 live on stage.

In photos snapped by Apple website live at the WWDC2010, Jobs is seen clearly illustrating the Nissan Leaf iAd app, and signing up for a Nissan leaf.

As Jobs illustrated the latest iPhone and iOS4 at the obligatory keynote speech marking the start of the week-long WWDC, he showed the audience an iAd for Nissan's 2011 Leaf. The interactive advert allows users to learn more about the Leaf, including range, specifications and where to buy one.

Nissan Leaf iAd

Nissan Leaf iAd

As part of the demonstration, Jobs clicked through various screens in the Nissan Leaf iAd, and signed up from within the iAd to be included on the Leaf pre-order list.

The iAd concept allows developers for the iOS can choose to allow advertising content to be inserted into their applications as a further revenue stream. The Leaf Advert is just one of many iAds which will be released on the iOS in coming months.

To be included in an Apple Keynote is a particular honor for Nissan, as Apple chooses its demonstration content very carefully. This puts in the Nissan leaf on par with such top brands as the New York Times, National Geographic, Nike, and Pixar.

Nissan Leaf iAd application on iOS4 by Apple.

Nissan Leaf iAd application on iOS4 by Apple.

While the signup process Jobs showed live on stage was probably an arranged phony signup to illustrate the Nissan Leaf iAd, Jobs may well now be on that ever-lengthening waiting list.

Steve Jobs is famous for driving his Mercedes SL55 AMG around California with no licence plates on -- something which attracts a statutory $250 fine if caught.

So, if you're in California next year and see a Nissan Leaf driving around with no licence plates, it may be the elusive Mr. Jobs.  Maybe Mac users are Leaf drivers after all.

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