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The 2010 Michelin Challenge Bibendum brings sustainable mobility to the discussion table, but what are the facts? By the numbers, the organizers show how a growing global economy and driving population demand some response from vehicle manufacturers. These are a few of the most compelling statistics, facts and figures on Brazil, the Bibendum Challenge, and challenges to sustainable mobility:

25: percent of all fossil-fuel pollution caused by road transportation

36: percentage of the world's ethanol supply that comes from Brazil

80: the number of nationalities represented at the 10th Michelin Challenge Bibendum

Nearly 150: the number of vehicles presented at this year’s event, including bicycles, EVs and urban transportation vehicles

85 million: barrels of oil used around the world each day

98: percent of road transportation powered by petroleum

5000: attendees at the 2010 Challenge Bibendum

8.5 million: in square kilometers, the geographic size of Brazil, world's fifth-largest country191.5 million: the number of Brazilian citizens

900 million: estimated number of vehicles on the road worldwide

1.5 billion: estimated number of vehicles on the roads of the world in 2030

5 billion: Tons of carbon dioxide emitted by roadgoing vehicles each year around the world


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