We have known for months that Saturn dealerships would have to start closing up shop on their new car business. For some dealers it was a matter of only selling the other brands that they might also have as part of their portfolios. For others it meant rethinking how they were going to do business. For one local dealership right here in Colorado they have turned into one of the largest used car lots in the area. How they are selling it is interesting, but will people buy it.

For Saturn of Aurora the impact of Saturn being shut down by General Motors was pretty big. Since they were the only Saturn dealer in the Aurora area they had quite a customer following. That actually might work out for them in the long run considering how they have chosen to proceed in the post-bankruptcy era of GM. They didn’t close up shop nor did they start selling another brand of new cars. Instead they are now a pre-owned only dealership and one of the few Certified Saturn Service Specialists in the area. This is where the customer list comes in.

Since Saturn of Aurora has been serving the Aurora and Denver for well over a decade and they claimed to be the number 1 Saturn dealer in Colorado, Kansas, Nebraska and Wyoming their customers that bought a Saturn from them may be more inclined to keep doing business with them from a service perspective. It is hard to believe a car company that used to invite all their owners to big picnic events now has disappeared and left their once loyal dealers and customers with either nothing or a used car lot and a couple service bays. For Saturn of Aurora we hope they can make a go of it, but this strip of Havana Street in Aurora has one of just about every dealer in a 4 miles section. The section even used to have a Pontiac dealer that is now just GMC. Another large dealer reduced to selling mostly used cars. My how times change.