2010 Hurst Mustang pace car Black

2010 Hurst Mustang pace car Black

The Mustang is one of those iconic cars; a car that people of all ages know and love. Heck people have continued to buy them no matter how good they really were (anyone remember the Mustang II?). However, the last two generations of Mustangs have really set the pony car back on the right track with great retro looks and amazing power options from both a potent V6 and more than powerful V8. It is probably with this return that we are now seeing familiar names like Hurst (you might remember the popular Hurst Olds of the ‘70s) return to customizing these types of cars.

The latest news is the announcement of the Hurst Mustang Convertible Pace Car for the Mustang Challenge Series. The car is solely intended for pace car duties and as of this moment isn’t going to be offered for sale to the public. However, that really depends on how much the car brings when auctioned off next January. Benefits from the auction will go to the Austin Hatcher Foundation for Pediatric Cancer, a charity that supports children with cancer. From the pictures, the gold and black paint job and custom 20” wheels are just begging to be let into the mainstream market.

Speaking of customized upgrades, this Mustang will also carry a host of Ford Racing modifications including a supercharger, stainless-steel exhaust, K&N air filter, coil-over suspension, and 14-inch brake discs with four-piston calipers. Even though we haven’t mentioned it yet, the car will carry the signature Hurst T-shaped shifter handle and the interior will have black leather with gold Hurst emblems.

Bottom line—this Mustang Pace Car makes quite a statement and will go to benefit a good cause.


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