Today marked the opening of the 2010 Denver Auto Show. Auto shows are sort of like any industry trade event, some are bigger than others and in this case, the Denver Auto Show is the largest show in the Rockies for sure and probably larger than any other show in the neighboring states. So no, it isn’t a Detroit, L.A. or New York show, but for those of us in the Rocky Mountain Region, we look forward to being able to talk to the manufacturers, see new cars and the Rocky Mountain Auto Press looks forward to giving their best of awards (more on that later!).

Abarth Fiat 500

Abarth Fiat 500

The first question people ask about the 2010 Denver Auto Show is, “what is there to see?” The answer to that is a long vendor list, but to sum it up neatly, there are more manufacturers this year than last year and more than they have seen for the past couple of years. Some say it is a function of the economy starting to improve, others say it is the lack of sideways snow this year during the show hours. Either way, if you want to see the latest in small car offerings (near and dear to’s engine) or want to see exotic and luxury cars that some of us only dream of owning, then the Denver Auto Show has something for you.

Right of the top of my head I know that Nissan and Infiniti are in attendance this year, there is GM with the all-new 2011 Buick Regal (look for more on that to come straight from the show floor), Volkswagen with the CC and Clean Diesel technology, Chrysler with some big news of redesigned products to come by the end of the year and even classic cars on display for a touch of nostalgia.

Bottom line—if you are in the market for a new small car, then I recommend you go pay your $10 to get into the 2010 Denver Auto Show where you will have the ability to touch, sit in and review many of the cars that tickle your fancy—all in one place.


For more information on the Denver Auto Show and for ticket information, click here.