Every so often, an automaker presents a concept vehicle that is outside of the box.  The idea of the concept really is to gauge public interest and reaction, though production is not necessarily a consideration.  Honda has unveiled an interesting electric drive concept that could trigger positive response.

The concept is called the Honda 3R-C.  It's basically an electrically driven trike, but with a wild twist.  When the vehicle is parked, it looks like a futuristic, enclosed motorcycle.  Its width is slightly more than a motorcycle and its length is close as well.  When the vehicle is occupied, the vehicle expands to become a full blown trike.  The overhead canopy opens to become a windshield and the 3R-C is ready for action.

The concept was built as a way to to illustrate how vehicle can conform to overly crowded city situations.  The Honda concept ensures occupant safety via a high-sided safety seat.  The batteries are located in the lower portion of the chassis to give the concept a low center of gravity and strong handling attributes.

Though only a concept, the Honda 3R-C certainly looks intriguing.  In many ways it appears similar to the Nissan Land Glider concept shown at least years Tokyo Motor Show.  Perhaps both Honda and Nissan are on to something here.  Take a small electric drive vehicle, give it great handling, futuristic looks, and the ability to park virtually anywhere and you have an unbeatable urban runabout.

Source:  Edmunds.com