Green Vehicles Inc. of San Jose, CA, is set to unveil the 2010 Triac, a highway-capable, 3-wheeled electric vehicle at the North American International Auto Show, in the Electric Avenue area.

Based on feedback from their 2008 prototype and 2009 "early adopter" customer sales, the 2010 Triac boasts the following enhancements:

-- Advanced IT system, which integrates the battery management system (BMS), GPS, motor controller function and vehicle diagnostics; delivers efficiency during charge; accomplishes extremely high accuracy and tracking of energy storage; incorporates navigational capabilities especially suited to pure electric vehicle drivers; and adds data logging.  Driver feedback and programmable/dynamic systems adapt performance to various driving conditions, helping to guide driving efficiency improvidements, reduce range anxiety, and lower operation costs.

-- Non-traditional electric drive-train, which raises efficiency and performance without the high cost of over-sizing the electric motor.

-- Next-generation energy storage and power systems, which optimizes trad-offs between cycle life; energy density; specific power, cost, and temperature sensitivity.

The 2010 Triac will have a real-world range of 100 - 120 miles, and a top speed of 80 mph.  The onboard charger can be plugged into any 110V or 220V standard outlet (complete charge takes 6 hours at 220V).  The 2010 Triac sells for $24,995, with deliveries starting in October, 2010.  Green Vehicles Inc. only plans the production of 1,000 units.

[Source: Press Release]