Have you ever dreamed of owning Tesla Roadster, but simply could not muster together enough money for the $109,000 electric supercar?  Well, Tesla has the answer.  Now you can lease one for only $1,658 a month.  Sounds like a bargain, but there's a catch.

Tesla has just opened up a leasing option for their Roadster and here's how it works.  Walk into a Tesla dealership, pick out your Roadster and fork over $12,453.  This covers the first payment, your $9,900 down payment, and an acquisition fee.  Then over the course of the next three years you will pay $1,658 per month for a 30,000 mile lease.

Add it all up and over the course of 3 years the Roadster will cost you $70,483 out of pocket.  At the end of the lease you can turn the vehicle in for a $350 disposition fee, plus .25 cents a miler for overages, and any excess wear and tear fees.  If you are interested in purchasing the vehicle at the end of the lease, you can.  However, the company has not released details on end of lease purchase price.

Best of all, Tesla has Roadsters available for immediate delivery.  You could even drive it home today!

Source:  Tesla Motors ,    Green Car Reports