How do you make a sporty hybrid product even sportier?  Add more power, of course.  According to AutoExpress, Honda is reportedly working on a high output version of the already sporty Honda CR-Z hybrid.  The high output version is expected to carry the Type-R badge that symbolizes performance offerings from the Honda brand.

If AutoExpress is right, the Type-R will be tuned by Honda's partner Mugen.  The stock 1.5 liter gasoline engine will be beefed up and power will jump from 102 hp to 150 hp.  In addition to the motor enhancements, the Type-R version will also carry an up-rated electric motor which adds an additional 50 hp to the vehicle.  Combined output will be 200 hp, or on par with Civic Si vehicles.

Mugen doesn't usually stop at engine enhancements alone, so you can also expect a sportier suspension package, some aerodynamic add-ons and other touches that will transform the CR-Z from sport hybrid to the sportiest hybrid around.  AutoExpress is also reporting that the Type-R version will have an additional, driver selectable driving mode called "Sport Plus" which will enhance throttle response, electric motor output, and steering.

The Type-R is expected to make its debut at the 2011 Tokyo Motor Show and should come to market in 2012.

Source:  AutoExpress