The Ford Transit Connect EV was unveiled days ago at the Chicago Auto Show.  We posted a recent story detailing the specs of the vehicle that were just release by Ford.  Now it's time for the first drive.

Ford allowed brief test drives of the Transit Connect EV outside of the Chicago Auto Show.  AutoBlogGreen editor Sebastian Blanco had some time behind the wheel and came away impressed with the vehicle.  Though the drive was limited to just a few minutes, Blanco noted that Ford has delivered to expectations with this EV.

The Transit Connect EV is indeed a solid choice for anyone seeking a compact, delivery vehicle with low operating costs, adequate performance, and decent range.  The vehicle will be ideally suited towards a commercial delivery application provided that the user understands the range limitations of the vehicle.

As Blanco said, " After our five minutes behind the wheel, we can say that, if your company needs a sensible delivery vehicle that doesn't have to travel all that far each day, then this should be your electric van of choice.  The Transit Connect Electric feels like a utility car, electric or otherwise, should feel."

Of course there is the issue of price, which Ford has yet to announce.  Provided that Ford can keep the bottom line reasonable, this electric delivery van should see strong demand.

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Source:  AutoBlogGreen