In what can only be called a smart move, Toyota gave the green light to announce a global recall on the 2010 Toyota Prius. By now, most people have heard that the 2010 Toyota Prius suffers from a software glitch that causes the sensation of loss of brakes for a few seconds when on slippery or bumpy surface. Given the issues with the accelerator linkages and floor mats that have resulted in fatalities, Toyota isn’t taking chances with its “green” star.

The fix—Toyota has announced that the problem occurs due to a conflict in the Prius and other Lexus vehicle ABS and hybrid system. In laymen’s terms, the ABS tried to engage when the regenerative braking is also trying to switch to the standard or hydraulic braking system; the resulting effect is nothing happens for a second or two while the system figures it out. The global recall doesn’t just effect the Prius, it also effects the Lexus HS250h, Toyota Sai and Prius Plug-in, bringing the total number of vehicles effected by this most recent recall to right about 437,000.

Toyota Prius - 2nd and 3rd gen inverters

Toyota Prius - 2nd and 3rd gen inverters

The fix for the Prius is supposed to be a relatively simple programming update, but repairing consumer’s trust may take a lot more effort. For consumers who have just purchased or are looking to purchase a new Toyota Prius, the fix has already been implemented with the recall only effecting 2010 Toyota Prius models produced between May 2009 and January 2010.

Bottom line—Toyota has proven that even quality-oriented companies can succumb to the pressures of being the largest car company in the world. It has toppled two out of the three once “Big 3” in Detroit and doesn’t look like it will stop there. However, following through with the global recall on the Prius and admitting they should have acted faster on the previous recalls is the fist step in a successful plan for customer retention.


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