We have been hearing a lot of debate about small cars and whether U.S. buyers will embrace them in the coming years even if gas prices hold stable. Even AllSmallCars.com has gotten in on the debate over the past few months as we report on the latest small car offerings. One of those small car offerings that might paint small cars in a new light and therefore help allow the average American consumer to embrace them is the much-anticipated 2012 Ford Focus.

2010 Detroit Auto Show

2010 Detroit Auto Show

Last month we reported on the innovative Hill-Start Assist System, which will be available on the 2012 Ford Focus. Our partners at TheCarConnection.com also reported from the floor of the 2010 Detroit Auto Showwith a first look at the latest reincarnation of the Focus. Now that the dust has settled a little we ask, “Does the excitement of the Focus still hold true almost a month later?”

In short, the answer is yes, but that spurs on another question, “Why?” Ford has carefully taken steps over the last couple of years to positioned itself with forward thinking designs and they started to move their vehicles over to a global platform (also not without controversy). They also have started to raise the value of their vehicles without raising the entry-level price by adding options not normally found in competitors’ cars. The same will be true for the 2012 Ford Focus, which can be optioned out with MyFord (Ford’s iPod like all-new entertainment system), rain-sensing windshield, back-up camera, Hill-Start Assist and self-parking feature.

Bottom line—the 2012 Ford Focus embodies the future of the American car and I think American’s will embrace it. It is hard to ask for more than the ability to get out-of-class luxury options, 155 hp four-cylinder engine, optional dual-clutch transmission and an expected EPA highway rating near 40 mpg. With the kind of offerings Ford is bringing to the table, it wouldn’t surprise me if we see another shift in number one car company title.


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