How fast is fast enough when talking about charging an electric vehicle?  The question is surely debatable.  Many consider the typical usage of an EV to consist of daily commuting followed by overnight charging.  For some, this would simply not be feasible.  They prefer the fast charge setup which allows most EVs to charge to 80% capacity in about 15 minutes.  Which charging option will become more prominent remains to be seen, but Think believes that fast charging setup is the right approach.


Think has partnered with Aerovironment to promote a fast charging setup.  The setup is based on Level 3, 440 volt chargers which can capably charge the Think City EV from 0 to 80% capacity in just 15 minutes.


During a recent press conference, Think CEO Richard Canny demonstrated just how short 15 minutes is by starting a timer when he began the conference.  Sure enough, 15 minutes passed in a flash and Canny called this charging method “a major leap forward for electric vehicles.”


The Level 3 charging system was developed with the help of Tokyo Electric Power Company.  Think says they have thoroughly tested the system and stated, “This work has confirmed the suitability of the fast-charge technology and readiness for commercialization.”


EnerDel will supply the fast charge capable battery packs for the Think City models bound for the U.S., and the will also supply 60% of the battery packs for Think City models sold elsewhere.


Source:  Think Website Press Release