The Tesla Roadster may soon have aftermarket support from an unexpected source.

Martin Eberhard, former co-founder of Tesla, has started production on what could be the first aftermarket accessory marketed directly towards Tesla Roadster owners.  His mobile charger will give Tesla owner a more flexible charging option as they take to the road.

Initially he designed the charger for himself, and perhaps a few close friends.  But he has received numerous requests to make the product available for other owners and may take the leap and begin producing the aftermarket charger. 

Eberhard believes Tesla would be better with him still on staff, but views his new venture as a possible way to remain connected to EVs.  Eberhard said, "The ecosystem for EVs is rapidly growing, a great thing for consumers, the auto industry and the environment.  It's only natural to expect a proliferation of aftermarket parts.

We will update you if Eberhard agrees to go ahead with production of the mobile charger unit.  Early stories indicate that the unit is a 240 volt charger that for now is called the Roadster Foundry Kit.

In other related news, Eberhard has filed a lawsuit against Elon Musk and Tesla.  Click here to read more about it.

Source:  Edmunds