Angular Front Exterior View - 2010 Pontiac Vibe 4-door HB GT FWD

Angular Front Exterior View - 2010 Pontiac Vibe 4-door HB GT FWD

General Motors has found itself caught smack-dab in the middle of the latest Toyota sticking accelerator recall and controversy. Due to a partnership with Toyota through the New United Motor Manufacturing Inc., or NUMMI, the Pontiac Vibe was basically a re-skinned Toyota Matrix. This cooperative manufacturing agreement has now done a 180-degree turn and instead of benefiting both parties is instead causing both parties issues.

The easiest part of this debate is the diagnosis and repair of the vehicles in question. The more difficult part is who is going to pay for all of the repairs. According to Automotive News, Toyota Spokesman Brian Lyons said that they believe GM is responsible for the recall repairs on the Pontiac Vibe since they sourced the pedals from supplier CTS. As mentioned before, the Vibe model was produced as part of the NUMMI partnership.

GM Spokesperson Alan Adler takes issues with Toyota’s stance and has said that GM believes Toyota is responsible for all of the recall repairs. Why? From GM’s perspective Toyota designed, engineered and manufactured the Vibe. So while Toyota and GM battle it out, GM says that if a Vibe owner experiences accelerator sticking problems then they shouldn’t drive the vehicle; instead, GM asks their customers to have the vehicle towed to the nearest GM dealer. As an aside, the 2009-2010 Vibe has also been added to the Toyota floor mat recall list.

Bottom line—Maybe the GM incentive program that our partners reported on earlier today makes more sense than we thought. Like two squabbling siblings, GM is looking to get back at Toyota for causing them to be apart of this reliability, quality and safety saga.


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