Radical SRZero

Radical SRZero

If you think driving an electric sports car across the country is ambitious, wait till you hear what Radical Sportscars is planning.

The UK-based company announced the creation of the Imperial College London’s Racing Green Endurance team today and concurrently unveiled their SRZero supercar at the Autosport International 2010 in Birmingham, England. The car is powered by two 550-volt electric motors sourced from EVO Electric, which churn out a combined 400-horsepower and provide 340 miles of range. Regenerative braking extends the car's range and lithium-phosphate batteries store the power.

The SRZero's top speed is 118 miles per hour, which isn't extraordinary for sports cars today, but its claimed acceleration to 60 mph in 3.5 seconds puts it in Nissan GT-R territory.

Of course, none of this means anything unless you can actually drive one. That's why Radical has pledged to take the SRZero on a 16,000 mile road trip via the Pan-American Highway. The trip will start in Ushuaia, Argentina and end at Prudhoe Bay in northern Alaska. Radical co-founder, Mick Hyde, told Autocar, “[The SRZero] takes Radical’s design in a new direction, tackling the issue of climate change head on but still providing the same driving thrills as any other Radical."

Indeed, few things would be more thrilling than an intercontinental roadtrip in a super fast electric car.

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