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  • Electric RaceAbout EV

    Unless you live in one of the more northern states -- or spend a lot of time in snow-covered mountains -- the idea of driving on ice might fill you with a sense of foreboding doom. Especially if that ice happens to be covering a very large expanse of water. Enter former Automotive X-Prize entrants Team Race-About, who have just set the first ever land-speed record for driving an electric car on ice, reaching an astonishing 161.59mph. Not content with setting a Nürburgring Electric Car Record of 8:43 in September last year, the Electric Race-About (E-RA) team from the Helsinki Metrololia...

  • Mitsubishi i-MiEV electric car at quick charging station
    Recharging Electric Cars Away From Home: What To Expect

    If there's one thing any advocate of the electric car gets asked more than anything else, it's about range: "How far will it go? How long does it take to recharge? 8 hours!? I'd take me weeks to travel across the country!..." Help is at hand though, as there are several organizations here in the...

  • 2011 Nissan Leaf
    What Comes First, The Car Or The Charger? Portland, Oregon Answers

    Are electric cars being held back by a lack of convenient charging points? Or do more electric cars need to be produced in order for a demand for electric vehicle charging points to be large enough to justify installing them? And should charging stations be ones offering a 240V, 30A top-off charge...

  • Radical SRZero
    Radical SRZero Electric Supercar To Endure 16,000 Mile Roadtrip

    If you think driving an electric sports car across the country is ambitious, wait till you hear what Radical Sportscars is planning. The UK-based company announced the creation of the Imperial College London’s Racing Green Endurance team today and concurrently unveiled their SRZero supercar...

  • Mission One EV
    God's Gift to Electric Motorcycles: Mission One EV Sport Bike

    What happens when a Tesla Motors castoff and an award winning industrial designer join for a brainpower tryst? A freaking fast electric motorcycle is born. Mission Motors unveiled the world's fastest production all-electric motor cycle at TED2009 yesterday to googly eyes and slackened jaws. The...

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