Tianjin Qingyuan Electric Vehicle Co., the supplier of the ZX40S Neighborhood Electric Vehicle (NEV) sold domesticly by Miles Electric Vehicles, is hoping to sell most of its 2010 production of 3,000 vehicles in the United States - double last years sales.  It appears the NEV market is expanding at a greater rate than we thought, and their total capacity is 5,000 to 6,000 vehicles per year.

Touting their status as the first Chinese automaker to break into the US automarket, they are also looking for opportunities to expand into Europe, where increasing regulations continue to make electric vehicles a more attractive option to consumers.  As for their home market in China, Beijing announced plans to increase subsidies for the purchase of electric vehicles for public transport fleets in 13 to 20 cities, and for the purchase of "environmentally friendly" vehicles for private car buyers in 5 cities.

Their current products were developed internally through their own R&D, but future vehicle platforms may result from partnerships with / among other automakers.  Qingyuan is in talks with Daimler to develop an electric vehicle based on a van Daimler manufactures in southeast China.  Chery Auto, Beijing Hyundai, Hyundai Motor's car venture with BAIC, are also among its potential clients.

[Source: Press Release]