Sometimes finding out about vehicles that automakers are working on for future release is much more involved then attending an auto show or reading a press release.  Sometimes, journalists go digging through patent filings and turn up the results they are looking for.  Apparently that is just what L'Automobile, a French media outlet, has done.  They have uncovered a European patent filing posted by Toyota that shows a future vehicle which appears to be a hybrid or EV candidate.

Most patents filed by Toyota fall into the hybrid vehicle category.  Toyota holds more hybrid patents than all other automakers and as a company virtually alwsy submit patent filing on new technology.

The picture show a vehicle with a pint sized engine compartment that barely looks large enough to hold a full size engine.  One would assume that either a small hybrid powertrain or possibly an electric powertrain could reside in the space.

The images also show a vehicle that bares some resemblance to the 2007 1/X concept that the company debuted previously.  For now you can simply sit and ponder what the company has up its sleeves.  The images show very little, but will certainly intrigue many.  There's a chance that this vehicle could make its concept debut at the Geneva Motor Show, but it's just speculation at this point.

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Source:  L'Automobile (refer to their site for additional photos)