Honda CR-Z Rear

Honda CR-Z Rear

There is some talk that the upcoming Honda CR-Z hybrid could make its U.S. debut in Detroit this month at the NAIAS, but this has not been confirmed by the company.  Honda has stated that the vehicle will make its first worldwide appearance in Japan next month.  But why wait to see the CR-Z, when you can see the near production ready car now.

The CR-Z has been caught testing and some even had the opportunity to film a video of this upcoming, sporty hybrid.  Though the video has not been release, several still photos captured from the video are now available for viewing.

This sporty hybrid offers 126 horsepower and is expected to return around 50 mpg.  Honda states that it will be a sportier option than its Insight, offering more power, better handling and improved driving dynamics.

We will have to wait until its release to confirm Honda's claim, but for now these new pictures reveal what appears to be a production ready vehicles.  No longer a concept, this CR-Z looks ready for release.

Source:  Gazoo via AutoBlogGreen