Continuing on our theme of review car companies for the past year. In this case we wanted to review Toyota. So fasten your safety belts as we give you the high points of Toyota in 2009 from an perspective.Toyota In Review for 2009:Toyota and GM Get Down To Brass Tacks On EV Technology –  Prius v. Volt, which one makes more sense to the common consumer?New Toyota Subcompact Hybrid Expected For U.S. In 2012 – Toyota to bring a new subcompact Hybrid. They could be trying to challenge the Honda CR-Z that is to come in 2011.While Other Car Prices Are Going Down, the Toyota Prius Is Going Up – Counter to the economy of the times, Toyota’s success with the Prius gave them reason to raise the price.Toyota Prius Racks Up More Wins: Japanese Car of the Year – Another checkmark in the win column for Toyota.Micro Cars Are In at 2009 Geneva Show: Toyota Reveals Newest IQ – More micro cars to join the automotive world, this time with the Toyota.Yellow Cabs Go Green in Denver: 2009 Toyota Prius Joins the Cabby Fleet – Cab companies start to go green with technology from Toyota.Hybrid Of Another Caliber: 2010 Lexus HS250 – This hybrid isn’t cheap, but it does make luxury as high a priority as being green.Do Hybrids and Small Cars Guzzle Gas at Highway Speeds? – Now this seems like a “duh” kind of question, but there is a little bit more two it.Statewide Green Car Convoy Shows Its Stuff to Northern Colorado – The Toyota Prius takes a trip with the 2009 Green Car Convoy in Colorado.Toyota To Take More Heat: NHTSA Gets Prius Brake Complaints – Multiple recalls aren’t normal for Toyota, but this year has been the exception to the rule.Happy New Year from and be sure to come on back in 2010 for more news, opinion and reviews on anything and everything small cars.