Ownership of an electrically driven vehicle is certainly on the top of our Christmas Wish List this holiday season, but few production available examples exist.  However, come Christmas time next year, several models are promised to be available in some capacity.  We have compiled a list of desirable vehicles, some of which are expected to be released by the end of next year, other's maybe in the distant future, and some may never see production.  But all of the vehicles are worthy of consideration for production and we wouldn't mind having one of each.

So here's a rundown of our wish list for Christmas next year.

1.  Chevy Volt.  It's not fully electric, but does offer electric drive capability.  Packaged in a stylish body, with ample interior room, a lot of range, and decent performance, this vehicle is one of the most highly anticipated automotive products in a long time.

2.  Nissan Leaf.  Here's a full electric vehicle with 100 miles of range, a stylish, futuristic design , seating for five, and an expected price that is sure to fit into most budgets.  The Leaf's mainstream appeal and buyer friendly price is sure to please.

3.  Prius PHEV.  With the Prius, you know you get solid reliability, strong gas mileage, and a roomy interior.  Add the PHEV letters and you have a modest amount of electric only range and even better gas mileage.

4.  Tesla Roadster.  Yes this one is available now, but it's an amazing EV that will certainly still be on our list come next year.  Blazing performance, amazing range, and great styling make the Roadster a stand out choice, though its high price tag limits it to wish list only for us.

5.  BYD e6.  If this vehicle can live up to its specs posted by the company, this will be one stellar EV.  Its high range, average price tag, and strong performance could make it a stand out.  But will BYD ever build it?

6.  Fiat 500 EV.  It's small, stylish and sporty in gasoline trim.  An EV version could be a hit if the company decides to produce it, provided the price tag is kept low and it can still deliver great handling and an overall exemplary driving experience.

7.  Any BMW Electric Drive or PHEV Model.  Have you ever driven a BMW product before?  That's all that really needs to be said.  If the company produces an EV or PHEV it will surely offer BMW driving characteristics, best in class handling, and a fun to drive experience that will be hard to match.

8.  Nissan Land Glider.  Now this would be one fun to drive vehicle.  It's compact size and maneuverability would make it an ideal city vehicle.  Add in the vehicle's ability to lean around turns like a motorcycle, and it would be a riot on the streets.

9.  BYD F3DM.  This PHEV looks amazing on paper.  Electric only range better than the Volt, range extender included, low price tag, adequate interior room what more could you want?  Will BYD sell it here in the states? 

10.  Tesla Model S.  This vehicle may not be ready in time, but we couldn't leave it off the list.  Strong range and performance as well as ample interior space, good styling and a significantly reduced price compared to the company's Roadster make the Model S a stand out.

So there's our list for Christmas next year.  Let's hope all of the models listed above are available in time for Christmas 2010.  If not, surely a few will be and the availability of more and more advanced vehicles is sure to grow as each Christmas passes on by.  It will be interesting to see which models make it into production by next Christmas and we will certainly look back at this list and provide a revamped one this time next year.

Feel free to comment about our list and  to add, via comment, any vehicles you feel that we may have overlooked.