When I was younger (never mind how NOT long ago that was), small cars were referred to with the endearing term of “econo-box”. Yes, the ‘80s weren’t a good time for small cars or American cars for that matter. It was a time where cheap was better and small was the new name of the game. In fact, small cars are what saved Chrysler back then with the introduction of the K-car platform in the second half of the 1970s. The small cars then really weren’t anything to write home about, but a lot has changed in today’s small car world. The following are some features we are thankful for being pretty much standard on all small cars today.

2010 Honda Fit Sport

2010 Honda Fit Sport

Power Windows—Yes, today it is hard to find a car that doesn’t come standard with power windows and we as a culture are thankful. Now you can roll up the windows easily when it starts to rain without having to drive with one knee while twisting across the passenger seat to wind up the window with two fingertips—unsuccessfully.

Power Door Locks—This must save the average person countless minutes of checking and rechecking their car when leaving it in a dubious part of the city or their own driveway for that matter. Of course, you can also be thankful for not having to listen to your other half complain about freezing their knickers off in the cold while you reach across the car to pop the lock.

Air Conditioning—It is hard to believe people were still buying cars without air condition in the ‘90s, isn’t it? Yes, that was still a cost saving measure for places in the North Central and Eastern parts of the U.S. Today, we wouldn’t think of buying a car with out air conditioning…I mean that would just be absurd and we are thankful that everyone gets to defog their windshields and keep cool during a heat wave.

Power Steering—Once a feature that was standard only to the luxury lines like Cadillac, Lincoln and Mercedes, powers steering we may forget to be thankful for, especially those of us running around in SUVs. Yes, small cars and trucks have forever been made more “livable” now that you can maneuver them with ease during Black Friday’s chaotic parking lot adventures. Its good during other times of the year too.


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