EEStor, Inc.

EEStor, Inc.

The world waits as secretive Texas startup EEStor (well it's 9 years old) develops a breakthrough battery for electric cars, and many other applications, called the EESU.

These barium-based ultracapacitors in scalable arrays would be far cheaper, longer-lived, smaller and lighter than the best lithium ion batteries, having the potential to revolutionize energy storage.

EEStor has said they plan to deliver the EESU by the end of next month.

"EEStor has publicly indicated an objective of delivering functional technology to ZMC by the end of the calendar year," said Zenn spokesperson Catherine Scrimgeour. "ZMC is confident in their ability to meet that objective."

EEStor has supposedly been developing a production line for the batteries in an unassuming strip mall office space in Cedar Park Texas, an unlikely place for a revolutionary breakthrough of global scale.

One might imagine if the company were weeks away from releasing their technology to the world they might expand the facility.

According to the EEStor enthusiast blog which follows the story very closely, a permit was issued in August to allow EEStor to expand at least into the 2800 square foot adjoining store.

However, this report is disputed.

According to Phil Brewer who is director of Cedar Park economic development, "EEStor has not submitted any plans for expansion."