The REVA Electric Car Company of  Bangalore (India)  announced Friday that in partnership with Newly formed U.S. EV company Bannon automotive, it/they will be investing 26.5 million dollars to rehabilitate and outfit an EV factory in Syracuse, N.Y..

The facility will be an assembly plant for REVA's recently unveiled NXR 3-door hatchback EV, a small but highway-legal vehicle which in its base format gets 50 miles of range with a 55 mph top speed.  An Alternative model with higher performance Lithium Ion Batteries will sell in the $20,000 - 25,000 range and reach 65mph/100 miles.

Bannon CEO Paul Wimer said at a news conference that the state has agreed to provide $3 million in development grants to help the company get rolling, with an an additional $3.76 million in tax incentives and breaks to be parceled out farther along in the game.

Wimer, went on to say that the the goal is to have the plant operating by the end of next summer.