Though most production electric cars are still a few years away, several electric motorcycles are already available to the public, or will be very soon.  To highlight the capability of their electric motorcycle, Brammo's director of product development Brian Wismann and Dave Schiff of Crispin Porter Bugosky, set out on a ten day journey from Detroit to the nation's capitol riding the Brammo Enertia electric motorcycle.

The entire journey can be followed at the web site  The site's intention as well as the intention of this 10 day ride is to raise awareness about electric vehicles and of course to promote the companies electric motorcycle.

The 10 day journey began in downtown Ann Arbor.  The Enertia's range limits the two riders to just 42 miles between charges which allows for several planned stops along the way.  The Enertia charges in about 4 hours, making the trip to Washington a time consuming ordeal.  However, the entire 520 mile trip will only cost an estimated $4 in electricity compared to more than $25 of gas for a comparable gasoline bike. 

Highlights on the web site include video feeds, photos of mischievous acts, and documentation of stops at famous sites along the way.

The Enertia retails for $11,995 and is one of a handful of current options available for those looking for an electric motorcycle.