Last Wednesday night, Brammo may have gotten the break through they have been searching for.  NBC Nightly News aired a piece highlighting the electric motorcycle giving the company the national attention needed.

The news centered around a new kind of biker gang in the Oregon area.  This biker gang does what no others do.  They travel without a drop of gas, without any emission, and in peaceful silence.  The Ashland, Oregon creators of the vehicle were on hand, riding as part of this gang.  Creators Craig Bramshcer and Brian Wismann are credited with the 280 pound, single gear, fully electric motorcycle that they hope will storm the nation.

As designer Wismann said of this electric bike gang, "It's a statement of personal values and it's just a fun expression of who they are.  And i hope that makes it across."

Both Wismann and Bramscher hope that the Enertia will become a "gotta have it" item.  As they said, they hope the Enertia will become another gadget that people just can't live without.

The entire bike is designed with the utmost care for the environement in mind.  From eliminating fossil fuels, to eliminating emissions, right down to the recycled water bottles and battery cases that make up portions of the bike,  the Enertia is close to as "green" as it gets.

With national recognition comes the potential for a lot of sales.  The Enertia is currently available through Best Buy stores for less than $8,000 and could be yours in time for Christmas.  Owners will have the chance to join with a handful of others and become a part of the cleanest biker gang in the world.

Source:  NBC Television Broadcast