California has long led the way in terms of high-tech and green energy, so what better place than San Diego to demonstrate the first SunPod Plug-N-Go electric vehicle charging station?  As the name suggests, the station is solar-powered and pre-fabricated, ready to use once it’s set up. It’s the ultimate in charging station convenience — there’s no assembly required. All you need is an electrician to make a few connections, and you’re ready to go. SunPod is targeting companies and public sector entities that have, or will have, a fleet of plug-in electric or hybrid vehicles that will need a reliable, convenient place to re-charge. SunPod also feels using solar power is a much more responsible alternative to electricity from a coal-fueled power grid.

 “It just didn’t make sense for us to power electric cars with electricity produced by burning coal and other carbon-based fuels and make a positive environmental difference. All you are doing is trading gasoline for coal, not a good idea,” says Don Jaeger, president and co-founder of SunPods. “The core idea behind SunPods is to make solar power simple and easy to use anywhere and to displace fossil based energy with non-carbon, clean renewable solar power.”

SunPods decided that, along with the green factor, convenience and ease of set-up would make their product more attractive.

The Plug-N-Go station has two configurations. In one, the unit sends power to the grid for use as the consumer sees fit, possibly to off-set carbon-based grid power use. In the second configuration, the unit stores power to use to re-charge the batteries of electric vehicles directly, effectively serving as a buffer between the EV and the power grid.

While solar power isn’t an option in, say, Michigan, it’s at least a choice in sunnier climates, like San Diego. Only time will tell how many consumers or companies will like the idea of using clean, renewable solar energy to fuel their electric vehicles, but it certainly seems like a  fantastic idea.

Source and photo: SunPods