The production version of the Pininfarina designed Bluecar EV was displayed at the Geneva Auto Show this year.  CEO Silvio Pietro Angori confirmed that production is on schedule and this vehicle is set for its debut in 2011. 

According to Angori, the company has tallied 6,000 pre-orders.  As Angori stated in an interview with Italy's Sore 24 Ore newspaper,  "things are still on track".  Angori went on to state that after the Bluecar joint venture, Pinifarina will pursue a strategy for designing and building electric cars for additional automakers.  Adding, "Ballore is probably interested in supplying his battery to the rest of the world."

The Bluecar EV is a joint venture between the aforementioned Pininfarina and French industrialist Vincent Ballore. Pininfarina is responsible for designing and building the vehicle while Ballore supplies the lithium battery pack and super-capacitor energy storage system.

 The Bluecar EV is capable of a top speed of 80 mph, can seat four comfortable with its hatchback versatility and touts a range of 155 miles on a single charge.

Source: Edmunds