The Tesla Model S EV is due for release in 2011.  The vehicle features an amazing 17 inch center stack display that is by far the largest ever seen in a vehicle and Tesla is considering using the screen as a way to personalize the vehicle while driving.

The concept uses a software based program that will allows drivers to choose different appearances for the interior of the vehicle.  According to design chief Franz von Holzhausen, "We're investigating an online application-type store where you can go and re-skin the interior of your car while you're sitting in traffic."

He adds, "You can continually refresh the image and the feel and vibe of your car.  Your wife can have a different look and feel for the interior than you, as a driver.  Your kids can have the Hello Kitty version, if they want."

The application is undergoing testing at this point and will likely utilize only the central screen to display this personalized interior touch.  The application would change displays based on who is driving the vehicle or by selecting certain preset interior images.  The application will give drivers the chances to personalize their own vehicle without spending money on costly interior upgrades.

According to von Holzhausen, "The screen frees us up to continue to grow and expand the interior feel and user interface, through software.  This would enable Tesla to skip retooling costs associated with conventional models changeovers by integrating virtual upgrades." 

He adds, "Everybody, rather than keeping up with the Joneses, wants to be the Joneses and be the trend-setter and wants to go their own way.  We're allowing that flexibility."

So whether it's Hello Kitty for the kids, and the Sopranos for you; or Desperate Housewives for the women and NASCAR for the men; the Tesla Model S has your personal style covered.

Source:  Wards Auto (Login required)