The 2012 Ford C-Max, shown at the 2009 Frankfurt auto show, comes to North America in late 2011.

The 2012 Ford C-Max, shown at the 2009 Frankfurt auto show, comes to North America in late 2011.

Recently, I reported on Ford’s announcement from Detroit that the company may start producing 2- and 3-cylinder engines in the future in a combined effort with the EcoBoost™ technology. Now, all the way across the pond, news broke at the Frankfurt Motor Show that Ford is planning a common global styling effort for future vehicle models.

Currently, Ford uses a design style they call “Kinetic” in Europe and another style called “Red, White and Bold” for North America. Now this isn’t that unusual because a lot of times carmakers feel that they need different models for different geographical markets. Look at how America has Honda and Acura and everywhere else it is just Honda. However, Ford is pursuing a fresh take on this, at least for an American car company, and announced that they intends to “harmonize” its car designs across all geographies. Ford’s European Design Chief, Martin Smith said, "We are developing an appropriate design language that will work all over the world."


Smith reveled that this global style theme would be called “Kinetic 2.0” and commented in an interview at the Frankfurt Motor Show that designing for specific geographical markets isn’t necessary anymore with globalization and the internet. “A killer car will work everywhere." Smith said. However, there are some odd cars out that won’t get the Kinetic 2.0 styling including the American Ford Taurus and F-150 line of trucks.


Bottom line—Ford is making moves to bring to market the next generation of vehicles for tomorrow's consumers.


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